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‚ÄčCorporate Capital Solutions principals have extensive experience in advising and assisting business owners with selling their businesses with the goal to maximize the value for shareholders and management. We believe there are three strategies to achieve this:

1. Selling to a strategic buyer who could be a competitor or a supplier;
2. Selling to the Management group commonly known as a management buyout;
3. Selling by creating an "Auction Process" where a group of potential buyers are       ----bidding to buy the business.

We work with the owners at the beginning of the engagement to determine their personal and financial objectives and strategies for value maximization. At the same time we establish pricing expectations and insure that these are congruent with current market conditions. Once these have been established and agreed to, the engagement proceeds using the following steps:

1. Pre-sale preparation of offering documents which supports the valuation assessment; Identifying prospective buyers based on the strategy being used to sell the business;
2. Circulate the offering documents to prospective purchasers under strict confidentiality agreements. Sometimes done through a "Teaser Document";
3. Assist with buyers due diligence through the exchange of appropriate information between the parties;
4. Develop the deal structure that facilitates the objectives of the seller;
5. Negotiate strategies and positions on behalf of the seller;
6. Assist in documenting and closing the transaction based on the terms of the purchase agreement that was negotiated.

Any sale of a business has significant tax consequences and these must be determined and managed well before the sale process is commenced.  Corporate Capital Solutions will assist by providing access to experienced tax advisors for the seller.

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